Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Dermal Fillers In Dayton OH

Aging, lifestyle, exposure to sun, genetics and weight fluctuations are some of the things that affect skin elasticity. At Unmasked Aesthetics, we believe in enhancing your natural beauty through various treatments. One such method is the use of dermal fillers in Dayton OH. It will give you a rejuvenated youthful look. Here is why we recommend this solution.

Get instant results

This is a non-invasive treatment that produces instant results with no downtime. Experience fast transformation by the end of your session. After getting the injections, you can resume your daily routine. No recovery time is needed.

Minimize signs of aging

One of the effects of this solution is that it hydrates and plumps your skin. In some cases, some lip filler injections can help stimulate collagen production in your body. Consequently, your skin will look fuller, more radiant and tighter.

Long Lasting Results

Enjoy long-lasting results. This is something that you will also experience with dysport injections. You can go for several months without needing more treatment depending on the area and type of filler used. This is a cost-effective way of maintaining a youthful appearance.

Minimize scars

This treatment can be used to reduce the visibility of scars, particularly in areas that have been affected by acne. The affected area is injected. The result is a smoother skin.

Personalized services

Enjoy customized services based on your needs and treatment goals. The amount of filler used and frequency are adjustable. Subtle or more dramatic changes can be achieved based on your preferences.

Stay safe

These treatment methods have been proven to be safe. Our team has specialized and trained in providing professional care to our clients. You are safe in our hands. We are committed to providing natural-looking results that give a youthful look. Add volume to your face and minimize wrinkles. Call us today to schedule an appointment.